We bought our first copier from Absolute Business Solutions in 2006 and also use one of their fax machines. When working with Mr. Gary to negotiate the contract and maintenance agreement, I found him to be honest and intent on finding us the "best bang for our buck". They are very responsive to our inquiries and repair needs. Our work comes to a standstill without our copier so their quick response time is much appreciated. We have found their staff to be pleasant, dependable and nowledgeable. They stick with the job until problems are resolved. I have shared our success story with two other departments in our organization and theyhave both purchased copiers from ABS as well. Thank you for some great years.

Barbara B.


About ten years ago, I met Scott Gary while shopping for printers and copiers at Absolute Business Solutions. I found the services and products that Scott and his company offered were extremely competitive and priced to fit any budget. Over the next ten years Scott and ABS has provided copiers, printers, fax machines, shredders and a variety of other equipment for both of our locations. What sets ABS apart from their competitors (besides their pricing) is the prompt response when service is needed. Having local technicians that can respond quickly is extremely important when a machine is out of service. Parts do wear out! So when the occasional service call is made, it is important to know that someone will be there quickly. Being a small business owner, I understand the importance of supporting locally owned small businesses. I recommend that anyone shopping for business equipment stop by Absolute Business Solutions. “Big Box” stores are not always the best option. As a result of the years of business, and the friendship and confidence that has developed with that, I find it very easy to recommend and refer ABS. I know they will be pleased with the quality of the products and services that ABS will provide. ABS will continue to be part of our business family.

Rolan P.


The college decided to piggyback off a Copier Contract with Absolute Business Solutions, Inc. The contract has benefited both parties. It continues to be a good partnership. Absolute Business continues to meet all the demands of the contract and to provide good customer services.

Fred B.

Director of Procurement

The first copier I bought from Scott was shortly after I opened my business. He took the time to find out what my needs were and then left several models for us to try until we found the one that was just right for us. We still have that machine and it runs as good today as it did the day we got it. Any time there is an issue, Scott or one of his staff are here to take care of it immediately because they understand the importance of keeping our equipment functioning. The service we get from Scott and his team is outstanding and it has not diminished one bit since the first time we met. This is why we have been doing business with Scott Gary and Absolute Business Solutions for over ten years.

Glen F.